EMT, Inc. Worldwide Services




EMT, Inc. has supplied services to some of the largest manufactures in the world. Electrical Services have been provided to Companies such as ADS Machinery, electrical and mechanical, Electric Furnace Company, Dupont, General Motors, Dick Corporation, Kobelco Sewart Bolling, Drake Manufacturing, General Electric, CRC Evens Pipeline International, Busch International-Midwest Fab., Millcraft-Alabama, F.A.P.CO., Danielli Corporation, Great Lakes Metals Corp. Kennametal Inc., Poma Otis, P.C. Campana, Inc., Premium Meats, RAS Manufacturing,  Royalton Industries,Inc., Saberliner, Corp., Mitsubishi, T.E.A.M. Inc., Taylor Winfield, Vanetta Engineering, Weirton Steel Corporation, and Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel.  EMT, Inc. has traveled throughout the United States and Internationally working on projects not only with these companies, but many others.

Domestic Projects have included:

Electrical & Mechanical Commission - Installation - Set up - Start up - Instrument calibration Troubleshooting - Equipment - PLC  control - Relay Logic -Machine   Repair - all phases, Machining - Electrical Engineering - Application Engineering,  Fiber Optic installation, setup, and testing. Electrical Design, Installation, Start up, Troubleshooting, and Supervision commission single equipment entire process lines.  Install, Set-Up, Testing Fiber and Copper LAN Combustion control, Flame Safety and Setup.

Individual Projects included Installation, setup, startup, commission people transportation trams at Huntsville Hospital, Alabama and Detroit, Mi. - Northwest Airlines. Installation, setup and testing of all fiber optic, copper, and radio communications. Checkout and test all  input-output wiring for all PLCs and associated hardware for vehicles and wayside, calibrate analog instruments, checkout all associated operations. Checkout, and startup audio and video equipment. Assist software engineers in startup and troubleshooting system operation. Install, setup, checkout, startup all computer controlled information displays and signs (fiber optics and copper network). Setup and checkout all UPS and battery backup units for OTIS Transportation Systems.

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Engineering electrical control for three chemical treatment units using General Electric PLC. Write PLC program, design, build, and test control panel and operator station. Wire chemical treatment unit. Install, startup, and train operators and maintenance people at Weirton Steel, Weirton WV.

Engineering electrical controls for a dual chemical treatment unit using Allen Bradley PLC. Write PLC program, design, build, and test control panel and operator station. Wire chemical treatment unit. Install, startup, and train operators and maintenance people at USX Fairfield, Alabama.

Trouble shooting re-installations of various machinery, large Ingersol floor mill, find and correct wiring mistakes, check DC motors, repair DC drives, Lucas CNC horizontal boring machine, move and rewire Gray mill and Large Ingersol planer mill, and Large Skoda floor mill for ADS machinery and RAS manufacturing. Troubleshoot and repair coil up-ender electrical at Alcan Aluminum Warren, Ohio. Panel building, and machine wiring for PLC, CNC controlled welding robots at Weldaction Mfg. Warren, Ohio.

Commission galvanizing line. Mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and gas burner equipment, setup and startup of all equipment except strip welder, skin pass mill and pot equipment for DICK Corp., and ADS Machinery Corp. Includes all terminal and coil handling equipment, entry and exit accumulators shears chemical cleaning equipment 5million BTU tank heater, gas steam water heater, all strip steering equipment, partial process furnace electrical, strip coolers, tension leveler, chemical treat unit, gas strip dryers, entry and exit hydraulic units. Galvpro Corporation, Indiana

Commission galvanizing furnace electrical, installation, startup, instrument calibration for Electric Furnace Corporation at California Steel Corporation. California. Commission galvanizing line process furnace all electric, and instruments for NUCOR, Blytheville Arkansas. Field service, troubleshoot electric control and make necessary changes and modifications for Electric Furnace Co., Calif.




EMT, Inc. has traveled world wide for Start-Up of Coil Processing and Combustion Furnace Control. From as far north to North West Copper, located in inner Mongolia for mechanical and electrical start-up, to the Southern Island of Hainan, China for electrical start-up to a Push-Pull Pickle Line at P.A.N.G.D.A. Steel.

Projects have included:

Commission galvanizing line process furnace, all electric, PLC and instruments for Jenn- An Steel, Kaohsiung,Taiwan ROC. Commission galvanizing line process furnace, all Electric, PLC and instruments for Yhea Phui Steel, Kaohusing,Taiwan, ROC.

Commission galvanizing line process furnace, all electric, and instruments for Electric Furnace Co. Sidmar Steel, Ghent,  Belgium.

Field service, installation, revisions, startup, calibration, alignment, commission copper strip processing line for ADS Machinery at Northwest copper, Inner Mongolia, China PROC.

Field Service, Machinery setup, wire and setup all instruments. Commission Push-Pull Pickle line for ADS Machinery, Haikou, Hainan China PROC

Field Service, Commission Bright Anneal Line all electrical and mechanical Instruments and steering. Except process furnace.   Xanshi Steel, Xian, China. PROC.

Commission galvanizing line process furnace, all electrical, and instruments for IMSA, Monterey, Mexico.