Products and Services


  • Design and Manufacture of Electric's

  • Process Control Systems and Networking Solutions

  • Operator Interface - Hardware and Software

  • P.C. Based Control Systems

  • Programmable Logic Control

  • Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Motor Control (AC and DC) Integrated Servo Control Systems

  • AC and DC Drive Systems

  • Input and Output Device Selection

  • Coil I.D. Spotwelder

  • Resistance Welding System

  • Furnace Combustion Control

  • Electrical Installation Field Service (Domestic and International)

  • Electrical Start Up Field Service
    (Domestic and International

  • Fiber Optic installation, setup, and testing

  • Auto Cad Services - (Converting Old Prints - Drawing New Prints

  • Plotting Services - (Bond - Vellum - Mylar - Color -

  • B & W)

  • Custom Labels and Legend Plates, Name Badges and I.D. Tags

  • Control Panel and Station Design

  • Upgrade - Modify - Rebuild - Existing Electrical Equipment

  • Machine Wiring and Piping


EMT, Inc. is located mid-way between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where much of our economy depends on the production of steel. The majority of our Industrial Services are provided to Steel Manufacturing, but we also supply Industrial Electrical services to many other Companies. This is our Thirteenth Year of providing service to customers at home, across the United States and Internationally.

Around the World and at Home,
EMT, Inc. takes pride in working with our customers. Working on a small project in-house or a complete line Internationally, each Customer can be certain the latest technology and design is utilized. Working with a Small Business around the corner, or some of the largest manufacturers in the world, EMT, Inc. WORKS for each Customer. "EMT satisfaction is Customer Satisfaction."

Since 1990 EMT Inc. has Engineered Electrical Control Systems for Coil Processing lines World Wide. With continued innovation in Electrical Control, EMT takes pride in using the optimum equipment available. The newest, and most efficient electrical design is used to upgrade, refurbish, and operate new and used lines. Utilizing the Industrial market, we are a "Full Scale" Systems Integrator. EMT, Inc. is not locked into any Specific name brand of control component, allowing us the versatility of customizing a System. This is a privilege not many companies can claim.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, manufacturing of Industrial Electric's, complete turn-key system for new equipment, Process Control Systems, Updating and Modifying existing electrical equipment. Control Panel Operator Station design and Manufacturing, Programmable Logic Control, A.C. and D.C. Servo Control Systems, A.C. and D.C. Drive Selection, Furnace Combustion Control, Domestic and International Mechanical / Electrical Start-up Services, Fiber Optic Installation, Setup, and Testing,  Research and Development, Job-Shop Machining, Auto Cad Services, Custom Labels and Legend Plates, Name Badges, I.D. and Luggage Tags.



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