Standard Model is built for use in a 16.5 ID
by up to 60 wide ranging in thickness from
.008 to .035 +.

The Weld gun is suspended by a U frame to allow weld gun insertion into a coil ID so all welds my be made from one side without the operator having to reach into the coil ID as with many other systems, a great increase in operator safety.

Die cast aluminum operator handle with ambidextrous thumb switch and a pushbutton located 180 degrees on the other end of the handle so a switch to trigger the weld cycle may be reached from any weld gun position. The weld trigger signal may also come from another source such as a foot pedal if desired.

The weld transformer is constructed of silicon steel laminations wound with 100% copper windings, and is  air-cooled.

The front housing and extension tube are manufactured from carbon steel fabrications made exclusively at our facility.

The cable assemblies are 100% copper, bolted connections are silver plated, other connections are crimped and silver soldered in insure low electrical resistance.

The entire Gun assembly weighs approximately 72 pounds; it may be used with a spring balancer or in a fixed height application.

Weld controller allows maximum versatility and will render the best weld control for use with our weldguns, ultimately producing proven results-long lasting minimum maintenance and strong welds.

Weld Controller Overview:


  • Air-cooled

  • Solid State

  • Programmable (up to 75 complete weld programs may be stored and recalled)

  • Weld gun tip pressure sensing and control

  • Remote display and remote thumbwheel program selector switch

  • The Standard model is 220 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 5 kva, single phase.

  • Plant air is also required.


Coil I.D. Spotwelder Patent No. 5705782

EMT, Inc. Research and Development has produced to the market the Coil I.D. Spotwelder Control System that
was designed and manufactured at our facilities, and has
been utilized by Weirton Steel Corp. Weirton West Virginia.

Designed to spotweld the inner diameter of a coil
to prevent telescoping when the coil is turned to
be placed in the furnace for the annealing process.
There has been much success in saving time and material, and is cost effective product in the annealing process.

EMT, Coil ID Spotwelder Description/Specifications:

The Coil ID Spotwelder, Developed, Built and Patented
by EMT, Inc. for the purpose of fixing the inside layer
of the steel coil. This process keeps the inner wraps of
the coil from unwinding and minimizes telescoping when
moving up or down ending the coil, and for annealing the
coil with eye in vertical position. The Coil ID Welder is
a manually operated, automatic cycle, single sided spotwelder, the weld gun assembly is normally suspended from a jig type structure and the weight is offset by a spring balancer, only slight pressure is needed for vertical movement of the weld gun.

The weld controller is remotely mounted in a safe out of
the way place, the weld gun is self contained, that is the
weld transformer is integrated into the weld gun assembly,
this feature reduces voltage loss and maximizes the weld
current where it is needed. The weld gun features independent tip suspension, which maintains proper weld tip pressure throughout the welding process. Self-aligning Ball rollers center weld head and help maintain proper weld tip to material alignment. Entire weld gun assembly rotates on a ball bearing assembly and rotates through a 320-degree range to allow the operator to weld nearly anywhere inside the coil ID. A dual rod non-rotating air cylinder is used to supply the weld tip pressure.